Are you done, 2016?

(Pict from here)

It’s almost 2017, fellas! How’s your life so far? Mine? Hmmm….

Well, this year is the worst year in my life. There’s ups and downs, but I had a big turn down that changed a lot of things in me. It’s a significant turning point in my life.

I thought I had a perfect life. In previous year, I almost had everything I want. ALMOST. That’s why I thought I could pass this year just like anothers. Calm, peaceful and always receptive everything I have. But then, God has another purpose. I was expecting too much.

Have you ever feels like you always given some sign even you didn’t meant to look for them? Like, there someone stole flowers in your garden and he hide on the attic for so long. Or, someone who sleep beside you is the one who haunted your nights and stabbed your heart out. The truth always reveals by themselves. It’s beyond your control but they keep coming to you.

I was fall deep, very deep. It cost me hundred sleepless nights, zillion unstoppable cries, and an unhealed wound. It’s such an unfinished business. Well, you may call me weak. Call me mushy. Call me the most drama queen alive. Call me anything.

You don’t know how it feels until you’re the one who feel it.

No matter how awful this year is, I have learned a lot. I won’t go back and change my mind. I’m not stay, I’m just waiting. I’m still doing things but my bag is packed. I’m ready to go anytime. I’m not afraid of losing, because everything is already gone. I won’t blame anyone for this because we don’t know what future will brings. Things like this is not worth suffer and fight for. I’m worth something way better than this.

So instead need a new blank page, I think I need a whole new book with brand new story, chapters and people who worth stay in my life and to spend with. I wish I could counting on the next year to be better in life.

This is how I define my year. How about you? =) []