Yes, it's not always that romantic :p (picture from here) 

Until many years of my so-called wedding journey,  I still can't define what is love (as a man-woman relationship). I can't say that love is the only thing glued a couple that drives them to the wedding vow. Because, in most of time, you find no love.

Trus, ngapain nikah dong, Kakaaak?

If you're a religious typical person and you strongly believe blessings in marriage, then you do. Or you want to build an empire with your spouse through marriage, then you do. Or you just want to tied this guy/lady with the ring on his fingers,'re wrong.

Have you find someone married with no love like this one? No? Read them along.
Be falling in love could be to anyone and/or anything. But marital affair is to let yourself drowning consciously. Sengaja nyemplung dan sengaja merahasiakannya. Sengaja kasih umpan, nunggu kepincut and then playing all of your game plan.

All breathing creatures are deeply understand this.

Dan "khilaf", adalah istilah pengecut. Ketika lo puasa dan gak sadar lagi puasa lalu nenggak seteguk air hingga akhirnya inget kalo lagi puasa, that's khilaf. Sementara kalo lo udah messaging bermalam-malam, backstreet meet up, and everything, that's BULLSHIT. There's no khilaf that happen more than minutes. Even days or months. You're just too stupid to admit it.

Some couples fill their marriage with the opens one, this thing is very common, yet tolerable. Yaaa, suka curhat-curhat aja. 

Eh, si X ganteng beneur, yak. Sayang gay. 


gue baru ketemu ni cewek. Asik banget. Kita discuss ampe lama tadi.


Beda dengan yang ngumpet-ngumpet curut. Ngegombal thingy. But once you red handed, you was like: aku khilaf, Yang.


Where's your adrenaline you've searching for so long? Do you found it when you're arguing with your spouse? When she throw her wedding ring and your wedding book to your face? When your spouse slapped you fucking hard when the dawn even not ready for breaking? When all the family member come to your parent's house wants your explanation? When your kids seeing you blaming each others on the car? When you unintentionally see your spouse crying but no wants to hold even for seconds? 

You need the whole world to prove you've been messing someone's life.[]