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Do you know what life was all about? Being grateful.We knew it from the first time. I  was a person with nothing at first. Then I got a something, an job to do which actually suitable with my pray: I want a job, any job. Then I wanted another better job. Or back at home which was I called it a paradise. Then a better things came. And God gave me an exam so that I can improve my self-quality. He brought me back home—just like what I wanted before, no? I was enjoying every single things, until He came again to me. Maybe to testify my faith upon Him. He came again with bigger, harder examination I have ever seen. He taught me as one-per-one life lesson. But I was alone. He left me with all those things He wanted me to learn. I was fall into my knees million times, awake to those sleepless nights, felt weak and worthless all those times, and those unstoppable cries. And I don’t think I was succeed. Well, it was a magnitude storm, most powerful destruction in my life which swep…

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